Emergency Dentistry in Salt Lake City, UT

A dental emergency is any unexpected problem in the mouth that causes pain, bleeding, or a broken tooth. Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any time but are especially common in children or older adults who may not be taking care of their teeth as well as they should. Call our dentist at ProCare Dental immediately to schedule an emergency appointment if you have a dental emergency.

Sometimes, waiting too long to see the dentist worsens the problem. This is because some dental problems can get worse over time if not treated correctly by a dental professional. If you aren’t sure if your problem is an emergency, you should visit our dentist. Getting checked out is better than risking a small problem much worse!

When Is Emergency Dentistry Needed?

Some people may avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety or fear, but skipping regular checkups can lead to severe dental health issues that require emergency care. Emergency dental care is available urgently to treat many problems that cannot wait for a scheduled appointment. Some common emergencies include:

  • Toothaches or broken teeth
  • Traumatic injury to a tooth or gums
  • Severe swelling
  • Abscesses or infections
  • Bleeding from the gums
  • Broken retainers or dentures that cause discomfort
  • Lost crowns or fillings
  • Jaw injuries or fractures that need immediate treatment

The Benefits of Emergency Dentistry

When a patient experiences pain in their jaw, it may be a sign of an infection or a cracked or damaged wisdom tooth. In either case, it’s essential to see our dentist as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the infection or any further damage to the tooth. Our dentist will be able to evaluate your situation and recommend the best course of treatment for you.

One of the most commonly reported dental emergencies is a broken or knocked-out tooth. While sports-related injuries and car accidents are the primary causes, you can also suffer from this issue by biting down on a hard object or falling face-first onto the pavement. If this happens, you must see our dentist as soon as possible for a proper evaluation and treatment. Depending on the severity of the break or trauma to the tooth, it can be repaired with a filling, crown, bonding, or even a dental implant in some cases. By seeing a dentist quickly, you are much more likely to keep the affected tooth rather than need extraction in the future.

Emergency dental treatment can help patients prevent serious infections from developing in their dentition and spreading to other areas of their bodies. Visit ProCare Dental care at 1377 E 3900 S #202, Salt Lake City 84124, or call (801) 278-2817 for the best dental care customized to your needs.