Teeth Cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT

Teeth cleaning is a routine procedure where the dentist or dental hygienist uses specialized tools to clean off plaque, tartar, bacteria and other substances from your teeth. The professional will also polish the teeth to make them smoother and less prone to decay. While brushing and flossing at home can help fight tooth decay and gum disease, visiting the dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning is just as crucial for keeping your mouth healthy and happy. When you visit our dentist at ProCare Dental for professional teeth cleaning, they can remove built-up plaque from difficult-to-reach areas in your mouth that you may not be able to clean with a toothbrush or floss. This is important because if plaque is allowed to build up on the teeth for too long, it can lead to cavities, gingivitis, and other oral health issues.

What Are the Signs That Show I Need Professional Teeth Cleaning?

  • Discoloration or staining on your teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Receding gums
  • Worn-down or damaged tooth enamel
  • Tenderness around your gums
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Grinding your teeth at night
  • Constant jaw pain
  • Gapped or crowded teeth that are difficult to keep clean

These symptoms can also be signs of more severe problems, so it’s always important to let your dentist know if you see anything unusual about your oral health. The dentist will be able to assess the problem and recommend the best treatment for you.

Why Do You Need Your Teeth Cleaned?

Some patients have gum disease, which could cause receding gums and other oral health issues. Even patients who have excellent oral hygiene habits can benefit from professional teeth cleaning and exams. Plaque can build up in areas you miss when you brush or floss. Through a professional exam, our dentist can determine if you need oral health care treatments and recommend how often you should visit the dentist for routine teeth cleanings. The more you care for your teeth at home with daily brushing and flossing, the less frequently you need bi-annual cleanings and exams. That said, getting a professional cleaning every six months is always a good idea to keep your oral health in check.

Your dentist cleans your teeth during cleaning and checks for signs of decay, infection, and even oral cancer. A professional teeth cleaning is more comfortable than most patients expect, and we will ensure you are relaxed and comfortable during your cleaning.

Most patients only need to have their teeth professionally cleaned every six months or so, although your cleaning schedule may be adjusted depending on your case. If you have any signs of gum disease or other oral health issues, you may need to have your teeth cleaned more often to keep your oral health in check. Visit ProCare Dental at 1377 E 3900 S #202, Salt Lake City 84124, or call (801) 278-2817 for the best dental care.